I love non-traditional weddings as much as I love a traditional bride – so Billie’s DIY  wedding with the simplest of wedding dresses at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat although as all DIY weddings go – a touch chaotic, was lovely, and I loved her bridal makeup and hair brief and the fact that she trusted me to make her look beautiful without a trial!

I had a lovely day with her and her maids- and from her thank you message – she also enjoyed having me on board!

“Dear Yvette and Jess

Thank you for being so wonderful, calming, organised and professional on my wedding day! You were so wonderfully easy to deal with, and so flexible and relaxed both in the lead-up and on the day. It was really lovely to have you as part of the day, helping everything flow so smoothly.

The makeup and hair was also just perfect. I was so worried to get my makeup done as I’ve never been happy with being made up before, but your technique is so natural (yet very enhancing) and products feel great on your skin. Everyone felt so comfortable and special in their makeup, it was actually quite amazing.

I would recommend you a thousand times over and can’t thank you enough.

All the best


The beautiful photos were taken by James from Rose Photos

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