There are few things harder to understand than rocket science, how to lose those last pesky kilograms before your wedding day is one of them. We’re sure that for centuries scientists have been baffled by this mysterious task. Forget the study of time and space; Einstein should have been figuring out how to tone the bottom and trim the tummy. But when it comes to the big wedding day, feeling your best and glowing like a goddess, we ladies have to stick together. Let’s launch into some helpful tips to kiss those extra kilos goodbye.

  1. Be kind and be realistic

One of the biggest pitfalls that can happen even before you’ve begun is setting the bar too high. You are only human, so give yourself some grace, time and patience and go from there. Take a moment to think about your favourite cardio activity. Running isn’t for everybody, would you prefer cycling around your neighbourhood or heading to the local park? Did you love rollerblading as a kid? Why not give it another try? Getting active and sweating it out doesn’t have to be a chore, it works better if you’re having fun.

  1. Consistency

Losing weight isn’t so much about explosive episodes of exercise but a regular and frequent routine of healthy living. Exercising daily and in moderation should be your new motto. Daily walks, runs or even rollerblading is what ignites your body into fit mode.

  1. Plan accordingly and let it be organic

Few things make grown women cry. When Sephora is out of your specific shade of concealer, that’s one and oh, planning a wedding is another. So much is on your plate as it is; it’s not going to work if the exercise is entirely out of your norm. Are you an early riser? Get walking at that time. Do you hate the mornings? Plan to go for a cycle at dusk. Plan around your natural habits, don’t try and fit exercise in by breaking your usual routine. Work with it.

  1. Be in partnership and grab a friend

It’s vital to be in partnership when setting out to achieve a goal. Ask a family member or friend to go on your daily walks together. Rope a mate in to be your gym buddy. Exercise can become an opportunity for social catch-ups, which can help the dopamine (happy hormones) in your body to rise quickly.

Joining a social sporting group is a great way to be held accountable for showing up and being active, as well as having fun and forgetting you’re exercising in the first place. There are hundreds of social teams around Australia in need of individual players to make up the team. Grab your sis and head out to netball on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You’ll relive the glory days and throw those calories out of the park.

  1. Eating and drinking and everything in between

An easy hack is cutting out processed food. A good rule is to ask yourself about the ingredients in something you’re buying, do you know what they are? If you don’t, it’s a good idea to steer clear. Instead of snacking on chips, cut up carrots and cucumber and dip them in hummus.

Your biggest meal should be in the morning and then get progressively smaller. Modern society has been doing meals the wrong way around, you need most of your energy at the start of the day, not the end, so dinner should be the smallest affair. It’s also a good idea to cut down on alcohol and drink only once or twice a week. Beer contains a huge amount of carbs and these easily translate into calories.

  1. Plan

Do your research and plan your meals in advance. This way you can limit the temptation to cave and have something unhealthy because of fatigue and stress. It’s a good idea to plan and prepare your meals in week blocks; this allows you to try and change the meals to taste and frees up time to hit the sidewalk for a jog or to dance like nobody’s watching.

  1. Allow yourself a small fling with sugar

Many weight goals fail when we are too brutal on the rules. We all know that vegetables, lean meat, fruit, and legumes are the dominant foods we should be eating, but cakes and pastries just seem to worm their way in and break our spirits. Allow yourself a treat once or twice a week to keep you going. Pick fruit based or low-fat desserts. A good idea, however, is to avoid take-out food altogether because it’s likely you don’t know what’s gone into it and many are high in fats and carbs.

  1. Know your body and reward it

When trying to look your best, it’s always helpful to know your body. While the mainstream media might celebrate a particular body shape, we all have beautiful bodies with our own nuances and curves. It can be very helpful to learn more about your body shape and target your exercise activities to specific areas.

Once you’ve put in the work with our simple tips, you’ll be looking fabulous in time for your wedding day. But, why not treat yourself with a new look that you can enjoy as part of the wedding festivities – for your rehearsal dinner or even your honeymoon. According to Cindy Newstead, Director of Style With Cindy, “Hiring a personal stylist to create a new look for you can be a great reward to acknowledge the hard work you’ve put in, and encourage you to keep it up.”

And remember, at every hill and bead of sweat that gets in your eye, you go gurl.

Author bio

Maya White is an Australian freelance writer and Melbourne-based university student. As a fashion student, she is passionate about textile design and specializes in fashion-related topics. When Maya isn’t creating beautiful textile designs or writing, you’ll find her exploring her other passion – fitness. If you would like to get in touch with Maya to discuss her stories, you can reach her at or

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