I have a love/hate relationship with braids – I love the way they look, but hate the headache they often give me when I try to create that perfect boho vintage braid hairdo!

Trying to get the braid wide enough or big enough without compromising the rest of the hairdo often drives me nuts – especially when you are under the gun time-wise at a wedding – but once I get it right – I love the way it looks!

This is one of my most favorite bridal braid hairstyles – the wider braid with the twisted messy bun – this hairstyle looks divine on blonds. It actually only works really well on blond hair –  you need the hair to be a little tackier and drier due to it being bleached – it does not work as well on natural soft hair because natural virgin hair tends not to hold. Nor does dark coloured hair as it is so soft.cropped-wedding_0851.jpg

This vintage style braid and hairdo, although very similar, is just a bit smoother and softer to match the elegant bridal gown.photo

When working with soft healthy natural thick hair – sometimes a more classic braid which becomes a braided bun works better and looks so much prettier than a classic messy bun braid.catherineadamsmall-181


This bun is a messy braid – an alternative to the vintage boho braid – it became a boho braided bun with the most divine flower placement!IMG_1064

This braid is gorgeous – the ultimate in simple boho bridal updo. My bride had fine hair – and all that she wanted was a braid and anything else I could do with it! So we braided both sides and turned the leftover braid into a bun!Magnus Agren Photography - Ethix-4

This bride wanted her hair to look as if she had just thrown it together – the braid was an afterthought – so I was a bit worried that it would not work – but she loved it! And I love the vintage thrown together boho bridal hair look we achieved!11232893_834448886630544_2879552315376588699_n


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