I love a stylish timeless wedding.

There is nothing more beautiful than an elegant classic timeless dress which does not date, finished off with a beautiful polished but not stiff hairdo, and timeless elegant makeup which the brides great grandchildren will look at and say “wow” she was so beautiful” instead of – ” oh my! Look at her makeup! was that really fashionable then?”

Too many girls choose to have their makeup looking ‘right now’, with too much colour on the eyes, or too dark, too pale a lip, and too much foundation which the makeup artist says is ‘a natural’ look.

Luminizer should not send satellites off course  – it should be subtle and luminous. Contouring should not be that of a drag queen’s – it should be subtle and undetectable.

Anyway – after my rant – here are some beautiful shots of Laura taken by the talented Zoe Morely Photographer, at Stunning Jasper’s Berry in Berry on the South Coast of NSW.

Hair by Ameina, Makeup by me.

LauraandChris-203LauraandChris-226LauraandChris-228LauraandChris-194LauraandChris-213LauraandChris-131 (1)

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