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I am loving the passionate vegan movement. As a great lover of all animals,  and a staunch believer in animal rights, this is a massive step forward for the animal rights movement.

But not only is this movement fantastic for animal rights, but it is also a massive step forward for the health of our skins and the health of our planet.

As long as I can remember I have always only used and worked for companies who are cruelty-free, so the fact that I can now buy vegan makeup is extremely exciting!

Most people are not aware that makeup products sold to China have to be tested on animals before being retailed there. Companies such as Mac, Napoleon, Nars and many other top makeup companies are all tested on animals.

LOreal, and Estee Lauder-owned companies being the worst offenders.

Many of the not tested on animal companies such as Urban Decay, are now owned by the big groups – Urban Decay is now owned by LOreal who makes massive amounts of money from products tested on animals.

Over the last few years, I have had to part with so many of my favourite makeup products as greed has overtaken many makeup companies ethical values so I will not stock them anymore.

But beyond the ethical reasons for choosing vegan makeup, there are so many healthy skin reasons for choosing vegan. Plant-based and mineral products are healthier for your skin and are not likely to cause you skin irritations.

When you choose vegan makeup, you know you are not going to use something which could possibly harm or irritate your skin, as all of the products are plant-based.

If you step up your choice of vegan makeup, to natural and organic makeup such as Zao makeup, or Ere Perez you will find yourself more often than not having a healthy skin day.

Vegan cosmetics are known for having fewer ingredients in them than non-vegan cosmetics, and the less convoluted the product that you put on your skin, the better condition it will be in, and the less chance of you having a negative reaction.

The problem is, that many animal byproducts found in cosmetics are damaging for your skin, and do you really want to apply something to your skin which contains snail slime?

Sensitive skin benefits the most when switching to vegan natural cosmetics, as most vegan products – especially the natural ones are very simplistic formulas, many having a mineral base.


With so few ingredients and so many benefits from the natural ingredients, it’s difficult for your skin to ever become irritated.

Tons of vegan products contain naturally derived vitamins and other natural ingredients which mean you’re packing in extra benefits without even trying.

Depending on what the product is, they may be preventing signs of ageing, getting rid of eye bags, reducing acne scars or even making your skin glow!

Reduce the number of chemicals on your skin and keep your outside just as healthy as your insides.

Working with vegan and natural makeup does take more skill when applying it, but it does last and wear as well as chemical-based makeup when applied using the same application technique.

More and more studies are showing the downside of certain chemicals on the skin, so why take a chance?

My team and I are proud of the fact that we only use cruelty-free makeup and vegan makeup and we have transitioned to 100% natural and organic makeup where possible.

So you not only look beautiful on your wedding day, but you also know your skin is treated with the utmost care and respect. Plus you are doing your thing against animal cruelty and are helping towards creating a healthier planet for the children you will one day bring onto this planet.

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