Cruelty-free makeup artist, sustainable beauty practitioner, eco-ethical makeup artist, vegan makeup artist, green beauty, organic makeup, ethical business ….

Whatever you would like to call me – I am happy with any of those titles – just determined to leave as small a green footprint as I can – work towards cleaning up the terrible mess we have made of our planet, saving our planet and making a stand against animal cruelty.

I try and use natural products wherever I can, and whenever I can – ideally I would love a makeup kit full of natural and organic makeup – not a chemical or plastic container in site!

I am so excited that Polka Dot Bride has published the ‘Green  Issue’ and they have interviewed me for this!

If you are interested – read it here!

For more ethical green beauty information follow me on my ethical anti-ageing and wellness beauty blog – Ethix beauty blog! 

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