I love being booked for hair and makeup work in the Southern Highlands – its a added bonus when I don’t have to travel further than Bowral for work.

This shoot was even closer to home! It was in Fitzroy Falls at BodyCott’s Studio and Dairy – only 10 minutes from home.

It was a photoshoot for Twisting Vintage and Ecolena Bowral with favourite crazy girl model Tayla Monkhouse and a beautiful new face Katelyn Smith.

Although this post should be about the shoot – I am going to be totally selfish and just post up some of the beautiful face shots of the girls.

The amazing photographer on this shoot was Catherine Worsley Photography – I love working with her – her photography is so stunning!

These photos are unedited – which is why I have posted them up as makeup shots – most makeup shots are so edited you cannot actually see if you like my work or not!

I hope you love these photos as much as I do! x

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