With 36 years of experience working as a commercial and corporate makeup artist, I have learnt how to handle corporate high flyers and sometimes precious talent.

I have made up politicians, public servants, CEOs from global companies as well as difficult starlets and gracious stars (as well as difficult ones).

I am exceptional at dealing with clients and all level of corporates thanks to having been a corporate client for many years – I moonlighted as a makeup artist whilst holding down jobs such as National Sales Manager and National Training Manager.

My calm presence, and ability to hide stress when I am under pressure, has helped me gain the respect of every producer, director, and client I have dealt with.

I work with a woman photographer at Willowbelle Photography doing hair and makeup for women who have forgotten how beautiful they are – part of my job is to help them feel gorgeous again before they are photographed – pictures below.

I have worked with Peter Morrisey, Ita Buttrose, Tracey Grimshaw, Denise Drysdale, and Jimmy Barnes just to name a few lovely well-known faces. 

Joe Hockey, Christopher Pyne, and Michael Carmody are a few powerful men whose faces I have tidied up and smoothed over for videos.

If you would like my resume – please contact me via my contact me page! 🙂

Find out what some of the professionals have to say!  

Geocon sales trailer 

Tucker down under Promo

PM-2Jennifer-Macquarie-WEBONLY-7556Jennifer-Macquarie-WEBONLY-7691102671883_3535230029837948_2164172122156261470_o104705616_3535230113171273_5145177701786961601_o83327825_3535229949837956_3758555445960081682_o99350414_3462833687077583_5645449432137728000_o97781920_3462833740410911_8034255614483890176_o98176089_3462833807077571_2929099947057872896_o76642418_2897976763554720_2813668663708614656_n76714024_2914040058615057_8794067897883295744_oPhilip Adams-1




corporate_05corporate_04corporate_03corporate_01542486_453378621356453_677499664_nadvertising_08your timesyvete_com_03Marli Braecomm-05A0-RaNbQIXIBenu8tbEu9rK9ZLwWRjaWTfnzTg9YxQA7v_MVbgTJLEkWJmQqWZH4n2845HYsaENHbZWPs9dNukDSCF9843Australian Handyman May 2007



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