How to achieve healthy beautiful bridal hair!


Getting your hair bridal perfect is not an overnight occurrence. It takes persistence and time plus the assistance of an amazing hairdresser!

Thin lifeless hair will not look more amazing with extensions  – it will just not look like you, the hair extensions will show at the roots, and look terribly fake.  Healthy fine hair will often not need  extensions  to allow the hairstylist to achieve amazing things! But if extensions are needed – they blend in smoothly and more naturally.

If you are lucky enough to have wonderful thick hair, it is still not fool proof. Thick one layer hair is just too hard to control – you cannot curl it or work it, let alone pin it up! It needs layers cut into it so that it does what you want it to do.

All one layer hair, be it thick or thin will not curl that easily or hold a curl, so no matter how much hair you have – some layers will be necessary.

If you have mouse brown hair which never plays nicely – having some foils added to your hair starting at the roots, will give it more texture, as well as showing off any curls or waves added to the hair. Bleaching the hair damages it – therefore giving the hair added texture. Adding a darker colour, will just soften the hair up and not make it any more manageable.

Most brides turn up with photos of girls with treated blond hair – this is because treated blond hair is so much easier to style. If you do not have treated blond hair – you will never be able to have a blond hair style as your hair will just not hold as well. Naturally blond hair will also be a issue.

Using the correct haircare – and washing your hair correctly will make an amazing difference to your hair – read Wash your hair shiny and healthy for the best hair washing advice!

Something which has become a forgotten art – is the art of brushing your hair regularly. Get yourself a stiff hairbrush and brush your hair a few good brushes every day. Give your hair a really good brush before your wash it – this assists in releasing all of the oils and dirt from the scalp, helping you get it super clean. The idea is to brush your scalp more than your actual hair. Brushing across the scalp stimulates the blood flow as well as I said before releasing the dirt and oils. It also spreads the oil from your scalp through the hair helping keep your tresses healthy and shiny! Stimulating the blood flow to your scalp – helps strengthen the hair as well as helping bring nourishment to it.

Eat for healthy hair as well. A diet high in Omegas – flaxseed oil, avocado, eggs, and fish just to name a few will add glossiness and thickness to your hair.

Animal and plant proteins will stimulate growth and thicken it. Add Spirulina to your diet – it is high in protein and other hair enhancing nutrients! The added benefit is that Spirulina increases your energy will levels – helping you work your way through all of your wedding plans!

Take a skin and hair supplement to give your hair what it needs (as well as your skin!) The supplement should contain Zinc, Silica and Vitamin E just to name a few goodies.

Drinking filtered or bottled water for your hair (not from the tap – too many chemicals) is just as important as is drinking water for your skin.

Follow all of these rules to have the best ever bridal hair!

Spring Morning in the Carriage House Bridal Shoot

I had the most wonderful opportunity to work with a very talented team creating this stunning shoot at Milton Park for Vintage Bride Magazine, it was a freezing cold day, so very proud of our gorgeous Jessica who has never modelled before being such a amazing trouper!


Venue Milton Park

Photographer – Anton Kross Photography

Florals – Flowers at Haberfield 

Vintage China and wedding Favours – The Vintage Tea Lady 

Timber Swings – Arbre Avalon 

Dress- Vintage Karen Willis Holmes Couture 

Stationery – Raisa Kross Illustrations 

Model – Jessica White

Fashion shoot in Bowral at the Rift Coach House for Bombo Clothing Co.

Although we all froze – especially the two gorgeous models  Chayde from Viviens and Alexandra from Wink models! Daniel from No Limit Pictures, Sarah from Bombo Clothing Co and I, had an amazingly successful day styling (me doing hair and makeup of course!) and  photographing all of the stunning clothes in the beautiful Coach House at the Rift 

These are some of my favourite shots – more can be seen on Daniel’s Blog Post



A top hair stylist will be joining the Ethix makeup beauty & styling team next March 2017! Watch this space!

Yvette and Sarah are looking forward to an amazing hairdresser joining our team next year to back us up with hair! Both of us do hair as well as makeup, all of the hair in Yvette’s gallery is pretty much her hair work, but having someone of this person’s quality (it is still a secret who this person is!) will allow us to take on more weddings, meaning less disappointed brides!

If you don’t believe me, listen to my brides!

“Yvette  knows how to make you look perfect for the camera, but still stunningly natural and beautiful for the groom – you still look like you, but just flawless.

My husband did not want me to have my makeup done as he loves me as I am – but when he collected me after the trial he started to cry, he was blown away by how beautiful I looked. When I walked down the isle – he was beside himself!

She also knows how to keep the butterflies at bay when they creep up on you on the day, and keeps everyone organised so that you do not run late.

I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who wants only the best in makeup and hair.”


“I absolutely loved everything about my wedding day make up done by Yvette, including her calming and friendly nature!

The make up was elegant without going over board! I looked like me and I felt beautiful! Yvette was very accommodating with the little things I was fussy/particular about and made sure I was happy with the end result!

At my trial with Yvette she passed on information for some wonderful skin products, that I’ll use for years to come! I don’t have anything but positive feedback for her make up services!”


“I loved Yvette’s makeup on my wedding day, but the part I loved most, was that she gave me advice on how to overcome my eczema, from inside and out. I did not believe  what she recommended internally and skin care wise would work in six weeks – but I gave it a go – and six weeks later I walked down the isle with perfect skin!

She went through the whole process with me – we spoke or emailed every week – sometimes I was even a touch unpleasant as I felt ill at first, but she stood by me.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful I felt on my wedding day. I have never had perfect skin before!”


It was wonderful to have Yvette share my wedding morning with me – she felt like part of the family! Throughout the whole process, from the initial contact and quote through to the trail and beauty advice in the lead up to the wedding, she was a calming presence, honest with her advice and very easy to work with. I wholehearted recommend Yvette for any bride!