Vintage style travel in the Southern Highlands

If you are one of those people who wish for the elegance of yesteryear, yearning for some class and style to come back to our lives of today, this vintage fashion shoot is right up your alley!

Anyone following my blog posts will have noticed my love for doing vintage fashion shoots with Gill from Twisting Vintage, and yes, this is another one of those!

I had the amazing opportunity to yet again work with Fine art photographer Oscar Coleman, who tried playing around a bit with some of the lighting in the shots –  there were some amazing outcomes from it!

Gill and I styled this shoot together – it is always fun playing with her gorgeous clothes and her before a shoot! Gill loves to keep the style closer to the era whilst I always want to turn it into modern vintage – this shoot we followed her heart, and the clothes look divine. But I did go with a modern 60s twist with the makeup, which I wasn’t too sure I had done the right thing at first, but it did end up working!

The shots were taken at Robertson Heritage Railway station in the Southern Highlands of NSW. Unfortunately, no lovely vintage steam train came through to grace the shoot as the vintage trains do not come down here anymore.

I am very much a cruelty-free fur-free makeup artist, so if you are wondering why so much fur, I must admit, that I did take a little bit of a step of the animal rights ladder with the excuse that these are all very old and vintage furs………..forgive me anyone who is annoyed at me!!!

As always 1 enjoyed working with Twisting Vintage’s favourite model Tayla Monkhouse and a new model who was fabulous to work with as well Olivia Lucia.

Olivia’s beautiful face – she has the feel of Sophia Loren!

cropped-20180418_fashion_shoot_robertson_station-14-142.jpg20180418_Fashion_Shoot_Robertson_Station-13-13 (1)20180418_Fashion_Shoot_Robertson_Station-3-3 (1)

Tayla just rocks the outfits! In the following shots, she is wearing a favourite hat of mine – I love how the whole look is very Dior.


20180418_Fashion_Shoot_Robertson_Station-12-12 (1)

20180418_Fashion_Shoot_Robertson_Station-9-9 (1)

Oscar’s lighting techniques were really amazing – especially in the two following shots of Tayla just looking oh so dreamy

20180418_Fashion_Shoot_Robertson_Station-18-1820180418_Fashion_Shoot_Robertson_Station-15-15 (1)

I just had to use these shoes – it is a pity you cannot read the writing! DSCF6123-1268-1

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Eco bridal couture photoshoot

On a classically cold misty Robertson Southern Highlands afternoon on a dairy farm, a group of ethical, eco-friendly sustainable vendors and a very brave gorgeous model Lily ventured out to create an unbelievably beautiful shoot.

The amazing team of Hilary Cam Photography excelled themselves as always, capturing the beauty of the Southern Highlands so well, as well as Ethical Clothing Accredited Pearl Button’s stunning recycled lace gowns.

The handmade invitations were lovingly painted in watercolours on recycled handmade paper by Elk Prints. The beautiful flowers were by Dragonfly Magnolia who sources all of her flowers locally and uses only sustainable packaging, and the delicious cakes were by The Sweet Cake Collectiion using only the purest of ingredients.

Hair and makeup were by me, with the patient assistance of Jess.

The funniest and hardest part of this shoot were the animals as always!

Totally unpredictable and not always willing. The horse did not want to be photographed, and when one of the cows suddenly moved, it took off with our gorgeous Lily on its back! Although she fell off, she got up again and kept modelling – not surprisingly, she informed us this was the last time she would model, which is a pity, she looks so amazing on camera (and just as stunning in real life!)

The funny sheep had us in fits of laughter at times, and at one stage the farm dog and Hilary and Nic’s dog tried to join the shoot, which had everyone bar Hilary beside themselves with laughter.

As the evening mists rolled in, my beautiful Victorian couch ended up in the middle of a rise – so worth it.

Hilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam PhotographyHilary Cam Photography

Jess also did the hair and makeup for our gorgeous host Brooke McGee whose property we were on – thinking we may need to hit her up to be the next model for a photoshoot!


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A magical wedding in a blue dress

Some brides want to do something unique for their wedding – they want to bend the rules, not stick to tradition.

And often, when a bride wants to do something just that little bit different, they book me, and for me, that is seriously good fun!

In this case, the fun part was the bride Sian’s amazing dress!

Ameina and I had to get up super early for this rather nerve-wracking drive in the cold and dark from the Southern Highlands down to Oallen – 2 hours drive south – most of it on dodgy roads which would drop down in unexpected dips and suddenly turn a sharp right or left – no signposting! And although my car has amazing lights, we both often felt as if we were on a roller coaster!

But the trip was worth it. Dungowan Estate is magnificent, even if it is in the middle of nowhere!

The hair had to be really intricate and something special so as the dress would not outshine gorgeous Sian.

Although Sian’s instructions were originally for a nude natural-looking makeup with a bright pink lip, once I saw the gown, I knew she had to go bold, and she kindly gave me cart blanc and let me do my stuff – thank you for believing in me Sian!

I really love working with the lovely talented Olguin Photography – and so delighted to have received this gorgeous shots to share, of Sian in her amazing blue wedding dress!








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Whimsical Floral Bridal Editorial Shoot

I had the opportunity to do a beautiful, whimsical,  editorial bridal shoot with Gathered Floral, Pearl Button Bridal, The Secret Garden and  Panoramic Photography, in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.

One of the best parts about doing bridal editorial shoots is that every supplier is able to bring their own creative ideas to the shoot, there is no set stylist or bride telling you what they ultimately want, usually just a bunch of creatives with an idea and a passion to make it all work for everyone.

I love what we all created that day, and am blown away by how beautifully Panoramic Photography captured it all.

Pearl Button’s beautiful vintage lace top, looked so gorgeous on our model Albertina.


Pearl Button is an accredited ethical fashion business which I find very exciting as I am proud of the fact that I only use ethical makeup and hair products, I adore that she is as passionate as I am about living ethically and sustainably.

I am a great fan of Gathered Floral’s flowers – I love how they look as if they were collected from the garden and put together, that the bunches are not structured and polished, that they just seem to explode in sheer loveliness.


The Secret Garden is a beautiful romantic garden – the perfect place for a garden wedding set in Wildes Meadow in the romantic Southern Highlands of NSW, it is 20 minutes south of Bowral so perfect if you would love somewhere a little more private than the busy bustling town of Bowral.

I adore soft pinky peach makeup colours for bridal makeup, and love the undone loose boho hairstyles brides are choosing today – so was particularly delighted to be able to bring both of my loves together in this shoot!


To see more of my bridal hair and makeup work, have a look in my Bridal Gallery

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Carly and Martin’s amazing The Woodsfarm Wedding

There is no greater honor as a hair and makeup artist than being asked to do the hair and makeup for the owner of a wedding venue, especially if it is a beautiful venue such as The Woodsfarm

Carly, the most bubbly super achiever woman I have ever met, managed to get her wedding venue on the South Coast of NSW ready just in time for her’s and Martin’s wedding day.

She looked so amazing!

Unfortunately, it rained – but this did not dampen the joy they both shared  – they even had photos on Vincentia beach!

Carly chose the best hairstyle for a wet day – which looked amazing with her dress as well – it was a boho, messy bun. Her makeup was natural and golden, with just enough definition to make her eyes pop, not that this beautiful girl needed any help making her gorgeous big eyes stand out more!

Beautiful photos were taken by Blumenthal Photography.



Laura’s elegant classic stylish wedding

I love a stylish timeless wedding.

There is nothing more beautiful than an elegant classic timeless dress which does not date, finished off with a beautiful polished but not stiff hairdo, and timeless elegant makeup which the brides great grandchildren will look at and say “wow” she was so beautiful” instead of – ” oh my! Look at her makeup! was that really fashionable then?”

Too many girls choose to have their makeup looking ‘right now’, with too much colour on the eyes, or too dark, too pale a lip, and too much foundation which the makeup artist says is ‘a natural’ look.

Luminizer should not send satellites off course  – it should be subtle and luminous. Contouring should not be that of a drag queen’s – it should be subtle and undetectable.

Anyway – after my rant – here are some beautiful shots of Laura taken by the talented Zoe Morely Photographer, at Stunning Jasper’s Berry in Berry on the South Coast of NSW.

Hair by Ameina, Makeup by me.

LauraandChris-203LauraandChris-226LauraandChris-228LauraandChris-194LauraandChris-213LauraandChris-131 (1)


Just love a boho vintage braid hairdo

I have a love/hate relationship with braids – I love the way they look, but hate the headache they often give me when I try to create that perfect boho vintage braid hairdo!

Trying to get the braid wide enough or big enough without compromising the rest of the hairdo often drives me nuts – especially when you are under the gun time-wise at a wedding – but once I get it right – I love the way it looks!

This is one of my most favorite bridal braid hairstyles – the wider braid with the twisted messy bun – this hairstyle looks divine on blonds. It actually only works really well on blond hair –  you need the hair to be a little tackier and drier due to it being bleached – it does not work as well on natural soft hair because natural virgin hair tends not to hold. Nor does dark coloured hair as it is so soft.cropped-wedding_0851.jpg

This vintage style braid and hairdo, although very similar, is just a bit smoother and softer to match the elegant bridal gown.photo

When working with soft healthy natural thick hair – sometimes a more classic braid which becomes a braided bun works better and looks so much prettier than a classic messy bun braid.catherineadamsmall-181


This bun is a messy braid – an alternative to the vintage boho braid – it became a boho braided bun with the most divine flower placement!IMG_1064

This braid is gorgeous – the ultimate in simple boho bridal updo. My bride had fine hair – and all that she wanted was a braid and anything else I could do with it! So we braided both sides and turned the leftover braid into a bun!Magnus Agren Photography - Ethix-4

This bride wanted her hair to look as if she had just thrown it together – the braid was an afterthought – so I was a bit worried that it would not work – but she loved it! And I love the vintage thrown together boho bridal hair look we achieved!11232893_834448886630544_2879552315376588699_n



60’s inspired bridal editorial photo shoot

As a hair and makeup artist, I love doing something every now and again which is just a little different like a vintage 60s inspired bridal editorial shoot, down on the South Coast of NSW at The Woods Farm Jervis Bay.

The beautiful shoot is featured in The Wedding Playbook!

I loved doing this makeup look as it was still somewhat bridal, but with a touch of a 60’s inspired eye – but not too much so.

All of the divine shots were taken by Sydney Across the Forest a very talented husband and wife team who also designed the beautiful stationary.

I love vintage fashion – love vintage fabrics and lace – love vintage wedding gowns and because of that I really love the beautiful gowns Dinah from Milton of Pearl Button Bridal designs.

The flowers were just gorgeous and done by Sydney Florist Gathered Floral and the styling was done by the amazing Sydney based My Little Peony

The stunning model was a Sydney Model –  Albertina Burney – a very talented beautiful woman.




Kangaroo Valley Bush Wedding

I love non-traditional weddings as much as I love a traditional bride – so Billie’s DIY  wedding with the simplest of wedding dresses at Kangaroo Valley Bush Retreat although as all DIY weddings go – a touch chaotic, was lovely, and I loved her bridal makeup and hair brief and the fact that she trusted me to make her look beautiful without a trial!

I had a lovely day with her and her maids- and from her thank you message – she also enjoyed having me on board!

“Dear Yvette and Jess

Thank you for being so wonderful, calming, organised and professional on my wedding day! You were so wonderfully easy to deal with, and so flexible and relaxed both in the lead-up and on the day. It was really lovely to have you as part of the day, helping everything flow so smoothly.

The makeup and hair was also just perfect. I was so worried to get my makeup done as I’ve never been happy with being made up before, but your technique is so natural (yet very enhancing) and products feel great on your skin. Everyone felt so comfortable and special in their makeup, it was actually quite amazing.

I would recommend you a thousand times over and can’t thank you enough.

All the best


The beautiful photos were taken by James from Rose Photos


Vibrant Vintage Photoshoot with Talented Fine Art Photographer

I love fashion photoshoots and adore vintage fashion. Add an editorial fine art photographer to the mix – and you have something really special!

I come from a fashion and editorial makeup background, so going back to my Sydney makeup roots is always something special to me.

Gillian Herne, owner of Twisting Vintage in Mittagong wanted to use size 10 models for this fashion shoot as the vintage gowns she chose were size 10, so finding a great model was a serious challenge as most models are size 6 and 8.

She was so lucky to find two gorgeous girls, and I was delighted that we were able to use Bodycott Studio’s amazing gardens in Fitzroy Falls in the Southern Highlands to do the editorial photo shoot in.

The light was gorgeous as it was early spring in the Southern Highlands, so the photos have a softness about them.

Oscar Coleman from Oscar Coleman Portrait Studio Sydney was the photographer – I love the photos!











Glamorous old world wedding

I love glamour and simple lines on a  wedding dress.

I know I must have been born at the wrong time, as I just love everything old world!

Alyce chose to get ready at The Robertson Hotel, in Robertson in the stunning Southern Highlands of NSW a beautiful old building which feels like time has forgotten it. Her wedding dress was simple and made out of the most beautiful material – it flattered her so beautifully!

I really loved spending the morning with Alyce’s family as I had been lucky enough to do her sister Stacey’s wedding a few years back – elegance runs in this family – Stacey’s wedding was perfectly stylish as well and was in Bowral at the stunning  Hopewood House

I enjoyed doing just bridal makeup for this wedding, with Ameina doing everyone’s bridal hair.

The fabulous photos were all taken by Thomas Stewart Photography.




Some girls just want to have fun on their Wedding day!

Some days I have to get up at silly early hours just to get to a wedding on time. Sometimes I find it easy though, as I know I will have a great day as the bride is just lovely, as are her maids, so I cannot wait to join them for their big day!

I was excited to be doing Teagan’s wedding in Nowra on the South Coast of NSW – even if I had a 6 am start which meant leaving my house at 5am!

Teagan was so gorgeous when she came for her hair and makeup trial in my Studio with her lovely sister and bridesmaid – so although I knew I had a massive bridal party to prep with Ameina, I knew the day would be great!

Teagan was married at beautiful Terrara House Estate – and the fabulous photos were taken by Thomas Stewart Photography