As I am lucky enough to have a wonderfully busy work life, I sometimes will take a day or two to answer your questions,  so I have prepared a frequently asked question page which should hopefully save you time!

This page is constantly being updated because when a brides asks me a question which I have not answered on this list, I add the answer to that question on it- so always pop back to it when you want to know something before contacting me.

Trial or no trial

If you choose not to have a trial;

I don’t mind if  you do or don’t have a trial, but if you feel confident enough not to have one, I will book you in for a 1 hour zoom consultation prior to your wedding to go through all of the hair and makeup looks you have envisioned and to discuss the finer points of how the day will progress. This costs $100 and must be agreed to for the booking to progress. This ensures the day goes well, as 95% of non-trial or Zoom weddings usually are extremely stressful for the bride and myself due to envisioned looks not always being doable, plus – I feel it is important for you to meet me as I am spending the morning of your special day with you!

Trial information;

All trials will be held at Ukiyo Spa, they are available Sunday and Mondays only – sorry for any inconvenience.

The best time to have a trial is when you have all of your maid’s dresses sorted, and flowers decided on – so this is approximately 3 months out.

Spring and early summer brides ideally have your trials during the months of June/July and August as there is a higher chance of you getting a date which suits you.

Autumn and winter brides the ideal time is April.

All trials take 1 1/2 hours each. So if you are having a hair and makeup trial allow 3 hours. The cost is $200 each, or hair and makeup is $350.

If you would like other members of your bridal party to also have a hair or makeup trial, they will incur the same fees as yourself.

Please come with clean hair washed the night before. Leave your hair to dry naturally or blow-dry, but do NOT use a straightener or curling wand, as it breaks the hair bonds and we will have trouble curling or straightening your hair.

Double wash the roots of your hair, but scrubbing your scalp vigorously, and only condition the ends. Ideally, use a clarifying shampoo as it will give your hair more body and texture allowing us to help you achieve the look you are after.

Cleanse and moisturise your face the morning of your trial, ideally use a facial exfoliant as well to give your skin the glow you will want on your wedding day. DO NOT COME WITH MAKEUP ON.

Bring pictures of your gown, flowers and maid’s dresses so we can create a hair and makeup look which will tie in with the look you have envisioned.

Please bring hair and makeup inspiration looks – ideally, choose makeup looks from my Pinterest site or my website as I cannot copy someone else’s work, nor can my girls.

Please do not bring your wedding dress or maid’s dresses with you, but do bring your veil if having a hair trial or any hairpieces.


I will  send you a confirmation letter asking you to pay your holding deposit. 7 days before your wedding you will receive a your final quote unless you request this at an earlier date.

Payment for your trial must be made on your trial date and will come off your final cost on your confirmation letter.

How long will everyone’s hair and makeup take on your wedding day?

Every bridal makeup takes 1 hour to 1.15 as does hair. Family hair and makeup I allow 45 minutes to 1 hour even if it is a short hair blow-dry. The reason we do so is that it helps me ensure that you are totally happy with your hair and makeup on the day. If you have a family or member of the bridal party who is difficult to please – let me know before the day so I can schedule extra time to take care of her.

Time schedule for your hair and makeup on your wedding day.

I cannot give you a set time schedule as to who needs to be where on your wedding day as I do hair and makeup in stages so that everyone looks and feels their best throughout the whole day – not just one person. Please do NOT think you know the best time plan as it could mean that I could end up standing around waiting for clients and then we end up running late,

Preparing hair and skin for your wedding day.

You will receive a final quote which confirms your hair and makeup costs as well as the time we will start and finish. I will go to great lengths to ensure you are ready on time, but I need you to make sure you are organised and correctly prepped for the event.

Please send out the hair and makeup instructions on your final to everyone having hair and makeup done so no one gets it wrong. Or send out my bridal beauty plan when you receive the link when you confirm your booking.

Lipsticks, powder and hair extensions

As your hair extension needs to be the perfect length and colour, I do not supply hair extensions. The ideal extension for your hair should be discussed with your hairdresser. After your trial, you will be asked if you would like me to supply you with a top-up lipstick for your wedding day which I can buy for you to save you time. This colour can also be used by your bridesmaids. The cost will be added to your final quote.

Organise for your mother, mother in law and other family members to bring a favourite lipstick or gloss with them so they can top up later on with the same colour. Our makeup sticks – so no powder is required for you to top up later on in the day, although if you feel you would like one, it can be bought for you and added to your final quote as well.

I hope this answers all of your questions!