Why Yvette?


Thank you for visiting my website! I look forward to meeting you!

I am a freelance professional makeup artist and holistic beauty therapist.

I believe that beautiful skin comes from inside as well as out, so your trial/ wedding consultation involves wellness guidance as well as skincare advice to help you look like a beautiful amazing version of yourself!

I believe that natural products are the ultimate luxury, I do not use products that compromise your health because to me that is not a beautiful thing.

I love creating a beautiful bridal look for my brides which looks glowing, flawless, and natural, yet lasts till the last kiss goodbye.

Bridal makeup to me should be timeless and elegant, as beautiful in real life as in the photos. I want your groom brought to tears because you look like a glamorous version of you, just luminous, just your beautiful self, not because he has no idea who he is about to marry!

If you want makeup as thick as the icing on your cake – I will go out of my way to change your mind!

As a holistic beauty therapist,  wellness and beauty blogger, I will work with you from inside and out, to help you look your very best for your wedding day. Nothing looks more beautiful than a naturally glowing skin brought on by a healthy diet and fantastic skincare.

All my makeup products are hand picked and tried out on my overly sensitive face before adding them to my kit. I have a range of foundations suited for all skin types, and all levels of coverage.

Every product is cruelty-free, vegan, mineral and organic wherever possible.

Although I have now lived in the Southern Highlands of NSW for 13 years, specializing in Wedding makeup in the Southern Highlands and South Coast of NSW, I am Sydney born and bred and was professionally trained in Sydney.

I started my makeup career in fashion.

By still working as a commercial and fashion makeup artist today, I keep up with the latest makeup application techniques and hairstyles.

I always work in High definition, so understand the importance of my makeup looking perfectly flawless, yet light and dewy and luminous.

This helps me deliver the best wedding makeup and hair to my brides that lasts without being caked on. My makeup is loved as much by grooms who just see a more radiant beautiful version of their bride to be, as it is loved by photographers, who appreciate my makeup being clean, fresh and flawless so that they do not have to do any work in photoshop.

Although my makeup application is light handed, and it allows your skin to shine through, my makeup lasts all night without smearing or smudging, thanks to years of experience in having to apply makeup so it lasts under hot lights and often unforgiving conditions.

Don’t take my word for it, look at what the professionals have to say!     


So, why not work with the best in the business?

I qualified from the prestigious Sydney College of Makeup Art, having already worked for Revlon for two years as their makeup artist for TV shows and events. I later represented Revlon at June Dally Watkins, teaching makeup and skincare to the college’s students. I was Elite Italia  Model Management’s preferred makeup artist, as well as being one of their makeup artists on their books. I  also worked as International Model’s preferred makeup artist specializing in fashion parades.

I  also worked as International Model’s preferred makeup artist specializing in fashion parades.

I trained as a beauty therapist at the Ella Bache College of Skin & Beauty Therapy, one of Australia’s premier beauty therapy schools, and was trained as a stylist by The Image Makers.

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“Your makeup is the best, which is why I had you do the makeup for Jaspers Berry’s website.

You are the only makeup artist I recommend for Jaspers Berry and Terrara House Estate”

 Rosie owner Terrara House Estate and Jaspers Berry – South Coast.

“You do classy elegant makeup, which is why we recommend you”

Katja co owner Bendooley Estate  – Berrima Southern Highlands.


Image maker

As a beauty therapist, makeup artist and image specialist, I have worked with many of the prestigious image makers, including Robert Pante (stylist to the American Presidents and their wives) and The Image Makers.

Training the trainers

I was the National Training Manager for Pelactiv Skincare and now trains other makeup artists, as well as training beauty therapists in holistic beauty and wellness treatments. I still also consults with wellness spas, assisting them to set up their operations to include the delivery of holistic beauty services.

An industry voice

I write feature articles for Professional Beauty, a leading industry magazine, and have also written training manuals for several skincare companies. I have taught skincare, makeup, haircare, wardrobe, etiquette, and deportment at June Dally Watkins, Elite Italia Model Management, International Models, and John Robert Powers, and have worked as a valued advisor and trainer on Val Stevenson’s parades and promotions.