It’s all about the bride…


My makeup technique is unique to the makeup business. Top Photographer’s and Directors all around the country love and cherish my classic, seamless work. Why? Because it’s beautiful, timeless and stylish, while still being very contemporary. Thanks to my years of experience as a professional makeup artist, I promise that on your special day I will ensure your other half will be blown away by how beautiful you look, just like you, just more glamorous! And promise, you will look divine in your photos.

As many top photographers have voiced:-

“She’s a delight to work with, and with Yvette, there’s no Photoshop required!

And top wedding suppliers love her work:-

“Your makeup is the best, which is why I had you do the makeup for Jaspers Berry’s website. You are the only makeup artist I recommend for Jaspers Berry and Terrara House Estate”

 Rosie owner Terrara House Estate and Jaspers Berry – South Coast.

“You do classy elegant makeup, which is why we recommend you”

Katja co owner Bendooley Estate  – Berrima Southern Highlands.


11073053_1017087391652237_290243163109662285_o 11350751_1059775924050050_4108276056999301753_n

My commercial shoot experience has taught me how to apply makeup that always gives the very best results when the bride, model or actor is in front of the camera.

This is a specialized skill, perfected over many years that has helped me remedy common complaints, such as stories of disgruntled grooms who could barely recognize their bride under heavily applied layers of foundation and blusher.

In contrast, I create a look that is cleverly natural, stylish, timeless, utterly glamorous and just perfect for the camera.

I also insist on using the highest quality makeup products available. 

I insist that;

“At Ethix we never cut corners on the quality of our products and services”

In fact, all my products have not been tested on animals, most are chemical free and suit even the most sensitive of skins, so at Ethix any irritation or allergies are a thing of the past.

Ethix offers a hair styling service I either work with an assistant or my hairdresser works with me. This way, you are able to book hair and makeup under one roof.

So why not work with the best in the business and experience world class professional makeup, skincare advice and hair styling all in one very comprehensive package?

You can contact me at Ethix right now on or 

 02 4886 4098/0411541211.

Why not also follow Yvette on :- 


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