A magical wedding in a blue dress

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Some brides want to do something unique for their wedding – they want to bend the rules, not stick to tradition.

And often, when a bride wants to do something just that little bit different, they book me, and for me, that is seriously good fun!

In this case, the fun part was the bride Sian’s amazing dress!

Ameina and I had to get up super early for this rather nerve-wracking drive in the cold and dark from the Southern Highlands down to Oallen – 2 hours drive south – most of it on dodgy roads which would drop down in unexpected dips and suddenly turn a sharp right or left – no signposting! And although my car has amazing lights, we both often felt as if we were on a roller coaster!

But the trip was worth it. Dungowan Estate is magnificent, even if it is in the middle of nowhere!

The hair had to be really intricate and something special so as the dress would not outshine gorgeous Sian.

Although Sian’s instructions were originally for a nude natural-looking makeup with a bright pink lip, once I saw the gown, I knew she had to go bold, and she kindly gave me cart blanc and let me do my stuff – thank you for believing in me Sian!

I really love working with the lovely talented Olguin Photography – and so delighted to have received this gorgeous shots to share, of Sian in her amazing blue wedding dress!








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