What the professionals have to say…

I love my job as a professional makeup artist so always try to outdo myself every time I do a job. I enjoy every part of the process from prepping the talent and getting them in the right headspace even if it means ironing their shirt!

I enjoy wardrobe styling as much as I love makeup, and when the budget is tight, I am thrilled to double up as a makeup artist and stylist although sometimes I am run into the ground trying to make it work, I still love every minute of the day!

Jennifer Macquarie Director Fountaindale Group
Being in front of the camera is not my natural place, so when I needed some headshots and editorial style pics for my business I reached out to some excellent local professional to help make it happen.
I highly recommend from Ethix makeup beauty & styling  (I had no idea how different make up for photography is to what I normally do for myself) and Cindy from Live Photography. They came to my place , listened to what I was trying to achieve, and made me feel very relaxed and confident and we covered a couple of different looks.
In the current age of digital marketing it’s worth spending the time and money to get it right.

Dick Sweeney – Photographer and Director Dick Sweeney

“Your work adds to the intensity and authenticity of the performance (of the actors) – please always keep in touch.”

Louis & Co-Owner and Executive Producer Louis Molines Louis & Co

“You and your team, work quickly, flawlessly and efficiently – there is never a glitch in your timing”

Mat Baker Photographer Mat Baker 

“I cannot get over how flawless your makeup and hair work is – the retoucher did not have to clean up your work! You are now one of my preferred makeup artists!”

Isabella Harris – Producer/ Freelance

Yvette is reliable, consistent, works to a time schedule and ensures the talent is in the right headspace each and every time.

Always smiling and happy – has a can-do attitude and will turn her hand to anything which needs doing even if it means running for everyone’s coffee.

I love that she can also take care of wardrobe when on a tight budget.

Serge Ou – Director   http://www.wildbear.tv/Serge_web_Black-940x352Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 6.28.38 pm

“She’s a breath of fresh air that colours the set, is a magician with make-up and a savvy stylist to boot!  If that’s not enough, watch her settle that difficult talent while transforming their grumpiness into radiant beauty.”

Gavin Walters – Content Director International ProductionsScreen Shot 2018-08-19 at 3.35.56 pm

International Productions has requested the services of Yvette over the last 3 years to help with on-set makeup and hair for its content productions shoots.

Yvette has proved herself to be an asset on set with her can-do attitude, humour and always going on and above her primary role.

Yvette has proved herself to be very versatile, not only with hair and makeup but also sourcing props and other costumes that are required for our shoots.

Jackie van Elsen – Photographer.

“Photography shoots can often become frantic. Yvette is a breath of fresh air on the set and is always a pleasure to have around. From counselling to exquisite makeup she truly is a professional.”

Dave Letch – Director

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 6.30.53 pm

“Your ability to find solutions of a sudden insertion of a lip piercing that messes around with continuance is astonishing, brava. I’ll have you on my next feature for sure.”



Les Herstik – Director

 “Great makeup, great hair, great wardrobe – great to work with”

Tim Connelly – Photographer.  http://www.timconnolly.com.au

“You have a way with children and difficult talent, you manage to get the best out of them.”

Steve Hogwood – Creative Director/Director. Ethix strategy1521966_972946969399613_8872527144033870122_n

I have been in the advertising and marketing business globally for over 30 years. In that time I’ve travelled the world and had the good fortune to work with some of the best global brands and clients you could wish for. Over the years I can honestly count on one hand the people I enjoyed working with, trusted and who respected my clients and my agency’s business. Yvette is one such person, dedicated to her craft and always going beyond the brief and expectations set.

Peter Morrissey www.petermorrissey.com.auPM-2

Thank you for always making me look good and for looking after me and my shirts. I really appreciated it and you.

Phillip Adams

Philip Adams-1

“You make the process of makeup painless and comfortable.”

Bridie Carter – Actor.

“I love the fact that I do not have a lot of makeup on, yet I look great on camera.”  

Rob HendersonPhotographer. http://www.robhenderson.net/

“You make everyone look amazing and work in such a tight timeframe”

 Patrick – Owner and Stylist United Culture.

“If Yvette cannot make you look gorgeous no one can”

Amanda McWhinnie – Photographer & Editorial for The Bride’s Diary. http://www.bridesdiary.com.au/

“The digital post-production of photographs necessitates taking a very close look at the subject matter.  Photographs of Yvette’s bridal and commercial work never fail to amaze me. The makeup is subtle yet the effect is absolutely sensational. She’s an artist of the highest calibre. “

Ben Kopilow, Fusion Photography      http://fusionphotography.biz/

“I have known Yvette for over five years and in that time have had the privilege of working with her on many weddings. As a photographer who provides a luxury service to my clients, I rely heavily on the professionalism and skills of the make-up artist to contribute to the quality of my images. I require work to be done quickly and efficiently and to a schedule so that I have sufficient time with the bride to do my work.

Yvette is just such a makeup artist and for this reason, she is one of my preferred suppliers whom I recommend to all my clients. She brings experience, talent, professionalism, a high standard of service, and good humour to every shoot. She knows how to make the client feel relaxed and confident and the result of her work is always tasteful, elegant, subtle and beautiful – everything I need to make my brides look gorgeous in their photos.

I highly recommend Yvette for any makeup or stylist project, she is the best in the business.”

Hilary Cam, Hilary Cam Photography01


Yvette is as good as it gets, she is a true master of natural makeup. Every time we have worked with Yvette the makeup is elegant, natural and classic and our brides always look radiant and absolutely stunning.

Working as a photographer we love that Yvette makes our job easy – we don’t have to spend hours retouching skin, lips, eyes or hair because brides always look flawless with not a hair out of place. I love that they don’t do radical makeup transformations, our brides are recognizable just better, more beautiful versions of themselves.

The makeup is always flawless and elegant, it lasts all day and night and it always matches skin tones perfectly. (Unfortunately, this can’t be said for everyone in the industry.)

More importantly, Yvette brings more than makeup to the wedding day, her beautiful nature ensures our brides always feel pampered, gorgeous and relaxed – I’ve never had a stressed bride with Yvette on the team. She is always is punctual and runs on time and I can’t emphasize enough the importance and value of starting a wedding with the girls feeling confident, gorgeous and running on time. We love working with Yvette and the whole Ethix team they are our absolute favourite in the Southern Highlands!

It is natural, well blended, and each face is perfectly accentuated and subtly made up. They are always on time, professional and make my job a delight when I start work.”

Simone Gardiner – Talechasers Photography.

“They say all brides are beautiful, and from meeting with brides before their big day and seeing them in all their splendour on the day just amazes me. But I can always tell when they have had their make up done by Yvette. What she can do with sometimes, little to work with is amazing. Her brides are flawless, their confidence soars and they come to me in really high spirits from spending a fun morning with her … not only because she produces the highest quality work around but she brings with her an exuberance and fun energy that sets the mood for the whole day.”

Jonathon Dear Photographer10347810_10152882601502527_6345674932168854519_n

“Yvette’s makeup is awesome, I never have to clean it up and it looks just as great in real life as it does in photos, she makes my job so easy!

Yvette is my favourite makeup artist to deal with. I have been a wedding photographer for over 9 years full time and the makeup the girls from Ethix do is, in my humble opinion, the best around. And I have witnessed ALOT of makeup artists work. 

It is natural, well blended, and each face is perfectly accentuated and subtly made up. 

They are always on time, professional and make my job a delight when I start work. 

I photoshop a lot of my work, being a perfectionist with what I give my clients. By having amazing makeup like Ethix, I find my job a whole lot easier as I don’t have to fix bad makeup in post (I.e photoshop)

Her work is the best and everyone that gets married should be booking her services. I cannot recommend highly enough!”

Daniel Cartwright, Dan Cartwright Photography  DanielNEW1


“As a wedding photographer, it’s always reassuring to know that your bride has chosen to engage the best hair and makeup team for their day.” As a DOP for Wicked Bee Productions –  I wish I had Yvette around for every job, she always ensures that the day goes smoothly.

Karen, Evocartiv Photographywww.evocartiv.com.au/10906102_10202388833922150_3916022440195044483_n

When I am informed that Yvette and her team will be there, I know that the preparations will be on time, and the bride and her maidens will look absolutely wonderful.

Yvette is not only fantastically professional with a great appreciation of natural-looking makeup and elegant stylish hair – she understands the importance of making sure everyone is on time.

She has great respect for the photographer’s role in capturing beautiful pre-ceremony photos for all to treasure.

I love that she brings wisdom and intelligence to the experience and that there is an air of maturity in the room. It’s not just about making sure that brides are physically ready for the ceremony – it’s also about making sure they are emotionally ready to have their pre-ceremony photos, relaxed and happy.