“Ethix Bridal Hair and Makeup is as good as it gets in the Southern Highlands.

“Yvette and the Ethix team are as good as it gets, they are true masters of natural makeup. Every time we have worked with Ethix the makeup is elegant, natural and classic and our brides always look radiant and absolutely stunning.

Working as a photographer we love that Yvette makes our job easy – we don’t have to spend hours retouching skin, lips, eyes or hair because brides always look flawless with not a hair out of place. I love that they don’t do radical makeup transformations, our brides are recognisable just better, more beautiful versions of themselves.

The makeup is always flawless and elegant, it lasts all day and night and it always matches skin tones perfectly. (Unfortunately this can’t be said for everyone in the industry.)

More importantly Yvette brings more than makeup to the wedding day, her beautiful nature ensures our brides always feel pampered, gorgeous and relaxed – I’ve never had a stressed bride with Yvette on the team. She is always is punctual and runs on time and I can’t emphasise enough the importance and value of starting a wedding with the girls feeling confident, gorgeous and running on time. We love working with Yvette and the whole Ethix team they are our absolute favourite in the Southern Highlands!”

Hilary Cam Photography


View More: http://hilarycam.pass.us/caitlin_simonBeautiful Caitlin and her stunning maid shot by Hilary Cam Photography at Summerlees in the Southern Highlands of NSW. What a fun day I had doing her bridal hair and makeup!

View More: http://hilarycam.pass.us/angela-erol Stunning Amanda shot by Hilary Cam Photography. I loved doing her wedding hair and makeup at Eling Forest Winery Southern Highlands NSW.


I love doing Asian bridal hair and makeup, this beautiful girl shot by Hilary Cam Photography.

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