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Steampunk fashion photoshoot!

I love a bit of good old Steampunk, I love that it is out there, crazy, creative, and has a unique style. I love the clever mechanical designs, and the crazy and rather flattering and gorgeous gowns. If I wasn’t such a coward, I could really love wearing the gorgeous dresses and corsets which are part of the look – but I must admit, … Read More Steampunk fashion photoshoot!


Vintage style travel in the Southern Highlands

If you are one of those people who wish for the elegance of yesteryear, yearning for some class and style to come back to our lives of today, this vintage fashion shoot is right up your alley! Anyone following my blog posts will have noticed my love for doing vintage fashion shoots with Gill from Twisting Vintage, and yes, this is another one of … Read More Vintage style travel in the Southern Highlands


Vibrant Vintage Photoshoot with Talented Fine Art Photographer

Beautiful vintage style fashion shoot by fine art photographer in the Southern Highlands